Stories from the Magic Canoe

by Wa’xaid (Cecil Paul) as told to Briony Penn


Who better to tell the narrative of our times about the restoration of land and culture than Wa’xaid, (the good river) or Cecil Paul, an Xenaksiala elder, who pursued both in his ancestral home, the Kitlope — now the largest protected unlogged temperate rainforest left on the planet.  Paul’s cultural teachings are more relevant today than ever in the face of environmental threats, climate change and social inequity while his personal stories of loss from residential schools, industrialization and theft of cultural property put a human face to the survivors of genocide.

The beauty of paradox and forgiveness is Wa’xaid’s traditional offering to the world: the church that removed him from his family, rescued him from the streets; the industry that threatened the Kitlope, fed his family and gave up their logging rights; the man that raised his child, helped save his valley; the nation that took his pole, brought it back.


Introducing Wa'xaid

"My name is Wa’xaid, given to me by my people. ‘Wa’ is ‘the river’, ‘Xaid’ is ‘good’ – good river. Sometimes the river is not good. I am a Xenaksiala, I am from the Killer Whale Clan. I would like to walk with you in Xenaksiala lands. Where I will take you is the place of my birth. They call it the Kitlope. It is called Xesdu’wäxw (Huschduwaschdu) for ‘blue, milky, glacial water’. Our destination is what I would like to talk about, and a boat—I call it my magic canoe. It is a magical canoe because there is room for everyone who wants to come into it to paddle together. The currents against it are very strong but I believe we can reach that destination and this is the reason for our survival."


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Lax Kw'alaams

Wa'xaid, (the good river) or Cecil Paul, an Xenaksiala elder, reflecting on Lax Kw'alaams (Port Simpson), BC. 

Kitamaat Village

Kitamaat Village as seen from above - Home of the Haisla.


Wa'xaid reflects on his life's journey, recounting the highs & lows, the failures & accomplishments, and the balance of it all. 

Oil vs. Natural Gas

Wa'xaid provides insight into the ongoing struggle to preserve land against exploitation.